Human Body Energy

What Is Human Body Energy?

As humans we constantly convert chemical energy stored in food into useful mechanical energy to power us through our day to day activities. We also have a lot of energy wastage in different forms. With the right technology, all this excess energy can be repurposed and converted to further useful work via the chemical and thermodynamic processes currently researched.

Size Of The Prize

Research in the human body energy area will focus on repurposing energy that humans naturally waste, aiming at identifying opportunities that may open new avenues for industries such as pharma, telecommunications and security.

Research Approach

The scale and depth of the research needed for commercialisation should not be underestimated. We have an ambition that needs to be met with a systematic project plan for tackling this challenge head on, and we'll seek support from some of the most knowledgeable engineers and research scientists within applied science, chemical engineering and thermodynamics. Our approach is entrepreneurial in nature, but also takes into account following rigorous quality control and assurance processes with set milestones to be met before proceeding with any market and commercialisation strategies.


The benefits of human body energy include increased resource efficiency, waste reduction and potential break throughs in our understanding of chemical conversión processes in the human body.