Our Vision

Energy For A Better World

Our vision is simple: To lead the way in the discovery of new and sustainable sources of energy.

This means we want to become leaders in our space, challenging the status quo and innovating beyond conventional science. The world has already passed its carbon tipping point. Current renewable energy sources have yet to prove their ability to radically reduce our dependency on fossil fuels. The world needs a revolution led by entrepreneurs willing to take measured risks and challenge conventional science.

Exploring The Unexplored

The world currently relies on fossil fuels to produce more than 80% of its energy, and there are no efficient recovery strategies to mitigate the depletion of our planet's natural resources. Modifying our consumption levels and doing the same or more, with less energy, can be achieved with the proliferation of smart technology. However, we believe that driving energy efficiency through technology and raising awareness of the issue is not enough, which is why we aim to follow a bold approach to tap into unexplored areas that may have a great potential to produce positive results.