Innovation, Research and Development

Innovation is the basis of our creation of value and forms part of our company culture. We believe in combining technology, engineering and science holistically to meet our strategic objectives. We aim to innovate through research and development, following a lean and entrepreneurial approach: we design, test, learn and iterate until we get satisfactory results.


We believe in the creation of value to our shareholders through fostering a commercially-focused environment that drives progressive ideas and incentivises success. Our discoveries can be game-changing if they're adequately driven towards commercially viable solutions in the mid-term, in order to cannibalize fossil fuels before there are wider global impacts due to energy scarcity.

There is a substantial revenue potential from licensing our intellectual property and providing services to maintain any technology we develop to support our discoveries. We believe that our innovation needs to target the creation of value in the form of products, services or solutions that can solve real life problems, and not just be theoretical conjectures.