Why Energy Discovery

We Believe In More

Renewable energy is needed to solve the world’s energy and climate crisis. We believe that the technological progress of the 21st century will break new ground in the energy space, opening up a realm of possibilities and opportunities previously unthought of in the realm of power generation. We provide the imagination, drive and business intelligence to take full advantage of these technological break throughs.

Innovating Means Taking Risks

To achieve these break throughs we will need to take risk. This does not mean unmanaged risk, but a realisation that only with a curious and creative mindset can we push our knowledge of novel technologies further. With technological advances come the necessary cost reductions and learning curves to create the truly competitive and sustainable market opportunities.

Creating A Better World

Despite the significant technological progress achieved in the energy space over the last decades, 1.2 billion people still live without basic access to electricity. This tells us that we can do things differently and create more equitable business models to the benefit of more people. Access to clean and affordable electricity is a prerequisite for modern economic growth and ultimately, the better off everyone is the more wealth there is to go around. With an unafraid and innovative mindset, we believe we can shift the energy paradigm.